Heart’s Blood A Novel by Alice Von Kannon


Heart’s Blood is the story of the healing love between Isaac McCallister, a man shattered by the horrors he’s seen and endured, and Eleanor Hampton, a resolute, self-reliant woman determined to find success in a man’s game.  Isaac, a daring merchant captain and privateer, has returned to his home in Salem, Massachusetts in 1803, after five harrowing years of slavery in Algiers.  He is a proud, restrained man, carefully concealing the violence and madness of those years, struggling to build a new life, and struggling as well to find a reason to live it.  A childless widower, he feels himself a stranger in a strange land, taking up residence once more in a grand but empty house, sharing it with the shadows of the past. 

But one of those shadows takes substance in the form of an unconventional young artist, the lovely daughter of his long-dead step-brother.  Though they barely know one another, they share a family history fraught with betrayal and hatred.  Eleanor and her family have been living in a cottage on the McCallister estate, and Isaac’s return from the grave threatens to make them homeless at the very moment when Eleanor has the success she’s worked so hard for within her reach. Since her father’s death, she’s carried the responsibility for her flighty mother and her much younger sister.  Consequently she is both prickly and proud, a woman who brooks no nonsense. 

Her shocking proposal to the returning master of the household awakens the vendettas of the past and sets them in dangerous motion.  Although Isaac and Eleanor are both staid New Englanders, neither able to easily admit what they feel, they ignite a fiery passion in one another that defies the rigid conventions of puritanical Salem.  Eleanor’s tentative but growing love for him has brought Isaac back to life again, without realizing that her love will make him vulnerable, forcing him to expose every wound of his captivity.  His survival was a result of his iron will, but he more than meets his match in the stubborn woman who leaves him no walls to hide behind.  And when the scandalous secrets of the past erupt in a savage murder, both of these hidebound New Englanders will have to find the courage to confront their darkest fears, in order to hang on to the love that has given them both a reason to live. 

Heart’s Blood has not yet been published.